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Once upon a time there existed a giant tree that was the source of all mana

And that marked the beginning of the regeneration of the world

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Welcome to ToS Prompts! This is the home for all your unused fanfiction ideas. I'm sure all of us writers (and non-writers!) have a few ideas for a fic floating that we can't do anything with for one reason or another. Well, here's the place for them! Post those ideas! Hopefully they'll prompt someone into picking up your idea and writing it.

This is a pretty open, lenient community. The meaning of prompt is open to interpretation. To give you a starting place here's a few ideas.

  • Character, character, setting, item - The simplest kind of prompt. Setting isn't always used. Name some characters, name a setting, and name something for the fic to be about/include.
    Example - Lloyd, Raine, Altamira Hotel, slippers

  • Sentence - A short simple summary. Can be vague or detailed depending on the idea. You can even make it a question.
    Example - Everyone knew Mithos was a little crazy, but what Yuan saw last night was just... weird.
    Example - What would Zelos say if Genis was interested in Seles? If Seles was interested in Genis?

  • Paragraph - This is that big scenario you have in your head. There's a few details not quite hammered out but you know who is there, where they go, and what they do. This is more detailed than the others.
  • ART! - Art is a wonderful way to prompt. Have someone write the story behind a piece of your artwork. Please post art under cuts.


    1. There's no format to posting the prompts since they could take a variety of different forms, but the use of tags to label your prompts according to intended genre (ie. romance, crack, gen, etc.) and characters would be nice.

    2. I'll keep the comm open to a vareity of tastes. Het is given and slash is allowed. I'd like if it stayed under PG-13, but I'm sure higher ratings are bound to pop up. Post anything NC-17 or above with a warning. Lemons/Limes will not be allowed though.

    3. Posting a fic. Here's the format for posting a prompt response.
    In a new post...

    Title: Title of the fic
    Author: This is you
    Rating: Rating of the fic, using movie scale (G, PG, PG-13, or NC-17)
    Genre: Is this angsty? Cracky? Romantic? Something else?
    Disclaimer: You don't own ToS or any of the characters do you?
    Characters: Who is in this fic? Include pairings here too
    Prompt: Please include the prompt and promter that inspired this fic.
    Summary: Optional. Include a short summary if the prompt doesn't quite cover it.
    And then, please post the fic itself under a lj cut.

    4. Spelling and grammar are nice. Even if you're not a super writer, these are great to have.

    5. By default, the prompts will be open for more than one taker. Multiple interpretations are encouraged!

    6. Hopefully this is a given, but I'd like to point it out anyway. Don't post fic ideas unless you're willing to give them up. Don't post YOUR idea to YOUR fic and then yell when someone else copies you. Posting a prompt doesn't mean you can't write the fic yourself, but the idea will be open for others to take as well.




    If you have any questions, please head to the FAQ.
    If you'd like to affliate, please go to this post.
    If you'd like to contact me, Jadax, my e-mail is RocksMyKittiesSocks@hotmail.com. Please give it a proper subject or I'll consider it spam and delete it.